Lawn Treatments Tennessee

Lawn Treatments Tennessee

We provide the superior service that can give you the healthy, thick lawn you and your family will enjoy, season after season.

With years of experience in caring for lawns and landscapes, our technicians know what to look for and how to treat your property with the right combination of liquid and granular treatments. Plus, you can call us anytime if you spot a problem or have a question about your lawn. All of our programs are trouble-free. You do not have to keep track of when to treat your lawn nor purchase any products. Your Greener Grass Irrigation specialist will arrive in time for each seasonal application. You do not have to be at home when your technician arrives.

Lawn Treatment

Our lawn care service provides superior weed control and fertilizing throughout the seasons. Our team is constantly researching new products and evaluating your lawn to develop the best plan of action for weed control and general health. You will receive a regimen of pre- and post-emergent weed control throughout the year. Our goal is to prevent weeds before germination even begins. In order to provide year-round beauty for your lawn, our year-round treatment program is targeted to your type of grass, be it fescue or bermuda. There are five to eight treatments during the year. We will use pre-emergent treatments to help prevent weeds and post-emergent treatments for existing weeds. Special fertilizer is used at different times of the year for building roots, to deliver early spring green-up, and to make your lawn beautifully lush and green and prepare for extreme temperatures.

Tree & Shrub Care

Landscape plants, unlike lawns, mature slowly often over the course of many years. Damage or malnutrition can sometimes take a growing season or more to correct. For this reason, it is best to treat landscape plants proactively to ensure that they will grow to their full potential. Greener Grass Irrigation provides an annual tree and shrub care plan to help your landscape plants thrive at your home and turn more vibrant than ever.

Aeration & Seeding

Late August, September and October is the best time of year to rejuvenate your lawn. The seed will need to be kept moist for a much shorter period of time before germination. The young grass will also have more time to develop before the colder temperatures arrive. The better developed your new grass can be before summer, the better chances it will have of surviving the heat, drought and fungus that can cause irreparable damage. Density is the key to a healthy, weed free lawn. Without proper density, the pre-emergent treatment in late winter or early spring will not be sufficient enough to prevent crabgrass and other weeds to infest the lawn.

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Middle Tennessee
Greater Nashville Area including Hendersonville, Gallatin, White House

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