Landscape Maintenance Tennessee

Landscape Maintenance Tennessee

We provide yearly maintenance programs with a full suite of landscape maintenance services.

At Greener Grass Irrigation, we manage your property with pride and with attention to detail. Our goal is to make your property value increase whether it is your home, office, a retail center or industrial park. We provide custom landscape maintenance programs, targeted to your site, expectations and budget. Programs may include a variety of services including pruning, weeding, mulching, edging, seasonal flower programs and leaf removal. On request, we will visit your property and design a custom program with you that addresses all your needs.

Mulching & Edging

Mulch is an important element of your landscape. Besides serving an aesthetic purpose, there are many practical ones. It increases moisture retention, serves as a weed barrier, reduces soil erosion and keeps roots insulated and protected from extreme temperatures. It also creates a buffer zone between your landscape beds and your lawn, which limits mower and weed eater damage. If mulch is applied incorrectly, it can be counterproductive to the health of your shrubs and trees. Over-applied mulch can suffocate them or expose them to various diseases.

Pruning & Weeding

Pruning and weeding are an essential part of landscape maintenance. We provide timely and professional pruning of shrubs and weeding of landscape beds throughout the growing season. The timing of this service is dependent on the variety of shrubs that are in your landscape beds.

Seasonal Flower Programs

This is the perfect service for those who love to have year-round color. We offer seasonal flower installations for residential and commercial landscape beds. Our professional staff of landscaping experts will install and maintain your plantings by pruning, fertilizing and replacing plants when necessary. No matter the season, your landscape will always look its best.

Leaf Removal

Excess leaves can restrict sunlight, nutrients, and water from reaching your lawn. Consequently, lawns can suffer from disease, insects, and overall stress. We remove your leaves from your landscape beds and lawn for that perfectly maintained look throughout winter.

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Middle Tennessee
Greater Nashville Area including Hendersonville, Gallatin, White House

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