Irrigation Systems Hendersonville

Irrigation Systems Hendersonville

We provide residential and commercial irrigation services from the original concept, through the design phase to the final installation and maintenance services.

Irrigation has become one of the most technically sophisticated areas of the landscaping business. Our professional team of technicians and installers ensure that every job is completed in a timely manner with customer satisfaction as our main goal. We pride ourselves on our superior level of service and employees, who have undergone training to properly install irrigation system to work at their best, and in the most effective way. The irrigation installation begins with our products. We work with top of the line brands to ensure that your new system has the most up-to-date technology that will efficiently water your lawn and landscape all while saving you money. As your site matures we can recommend and implement renovations to ensure older systems continue to meet the changing needs of your lawn and landscape. 

Irrigation Installation

The process begins with a personal consultation which allows us to learn more about your requirements, so that we can design a fully custom irrigation layout for your lawn and landscape. The right layout and design is what makes the biggest difference. We use the best available products in all of our installations, and stand beside the quality and manner in which they are installed.

Irrigation Maintenance

We will contact you in the spring when the time is right to start up your underground irrigation system. There are many benefits of having an expert do it for you. The earth could have shifted, pipes could have cracked or corroded and fittings could have come loose. Our professionals will inspect all of your hardware before turning it on and will then slowly bring the system back online so they can look for any problems and make repairs if necessary. Also, we may need to make adjustments to your irrigation programming during the seasons for optimal water usage. When it comes to wintertime, we will winterize your irrigation system to prevent possible damage from freezing temperatures.


We offer a 2 year limited warranty on all irrigation parts and 1 year on installation services. Our irrigation system repairs begin with an assessment of your current system. We will then fix any current problems and help identify additional ways to prevent future problems. We are familiar with many different types of systems and layouts. We work in a professional manner to ensure the job is done correctly, and is completed within a reasonable timeframe.

Drainage Solutions

At Greener Grass Irrigation, we also care about what happens after the sprinklers run. Improper drainage systems can harm your lawn if left standing for long periods of time. The best solution is to have a drainage system installed and running throughout your yard, ensuring that all of the run-off is properly managed.

Leak Detection & Repair

Leaks in your irrigation system can often times go undetected until you suddenly have a flooded yard. Standing water can do a lot of damage to your land and landscape. Irrigation leaks most commonly occur because the valves fail to completely close, or you have broken irrigation heads. While that is not technically a leak, it is wasting water and you will begin to see the effects of an oversaturated lawn. In addition to these two common problems, it is not completely unheard of that you actually have a leak in your pipes.

Common signs are:

  • Certain areas of your lawn are growing faster, overgrown or are greener than the rest of the turf
  • Soggy areas left when the sprinklers are not operating
  • You notice a spike in your water bill

If you think that you're experiencing an irrigation leak, please turn off all of the water to the inside of the home, and be sure that the leak is not coming from indoors. Check your meter, if it is still spinning, please give us a call today.

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Middle Tennessee
Greater Nashville Area including Hendersonville, Gallatin, White House

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